Photos of the Lacandones

On these pages you can watch photocollections that will give an impression of the Lacandon culture. The Pgoto's are selected by photagrapher. Next to the photagrapher you can find the years in which the photo's were made. Do you also have photo's of Lacandones and do you want to share these with the visitors of this website? Please contact me through the contactform


Désiré Charnay (1880-1882)

Alfred Tozzer (1903-04)

Georgette Soustelle (1933-34)

Trudi Blom (1943-80)

Jack H. Birchall (1951)

Micaela Guirk (1987-1989)

Robert Johnston  (Nahá 1995-96)

Sebastiaan Roeling (2007)